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For 30 years Lutter Consulting has provided enterprise software development services to US companies in a wide variety of industries, from start-ups to Fortune 500.

We help companies use technology to achieve a strategic advantage by lowering costs, increasing sales, or retaining clients by harnessing the best of new web technologies.

Our Services

The Advantage
We love application development, building energized, focused teams across multiple disciplines, languages and time zones to provide timely, cost-effective solutions to our clients. Our nearshore and offshore development teams provide 24/7 development at a substantial savings versus domestic alternatives.
Enterprise Software
If your proprietary software platform was built 5 or 10 years ago, and you’ve been putting off the upgrade you know your company needs, why not outsource the process to us, at substantial savings compared to doing it in house.
Mobile Development
Can your customers buy what you sell easily and quickly on their cell phones? Can they effortlessly track their orders and shipping status? If not, it’s time to integrate mobile into your web app. We are proven experts at mobile integration.
Web Development
Your company has enough to worry about building and running your core business. That’s why it makes sense to consider outsourcing the design, development and maintenance of your web presence. Our developer team will seamlessly integrate with your core business staff, all at a cost well below that of a domestic team.
Cloud Migration
We will manage your migration to the cloud without distracting you from your core business. Why hire in-house staff to implement a one-time migration to the cloud? Let Lutter handle the details without the hassles of temporarily ramping up.
Do you want to ramp up for a development project without hiring full-time employees? We can provide you with great English-speaking developers, in your time zone, to complement your existing team, with savings of 20%-40% versus domestic developers. In fact, many of our clients maintain a small in house permanent IT staff, outsource most of their team to us, and enjoy dramatic savings.
After successfully surfing 30 years of change in technology, we are uniquely positioned to advise on business technology strategy, software architecture, app development, and IT organization management.
Online Marketing
So you built a stunning website, but it’s not generating sales. Our Online Marketing Specialist Program can help. Outsource to us the entire process of maintaining and marketing your website, including your social media presence, Amazon platform architecture, and email campaigns.


U. S. Based Management with 30-Year Track Record
Since 1986, Lutter Consulting has helped U.S. companies achieve a strategic advantage by harnessing the best of new web technologies. From our roots in Silicon Valley at the dawn of the Internet age, we have grown to manage developer teams across the U.S., Eastern Europe, and Latin America.
We Value Long-Term Relationships
In an industry defined by disruptive change, Lutter Consulting has steadily guided our clients through each successive wave of enterprise app development, from the Client-Server era of the early 1990’s, the Windows 95 period, and on into the web-based technologies of the 2000’s through to today. Our clients know we’ve seen it all; their trust in our experience has led to relationships that span decades.
Cost Effective Software Development
There has never been a better time to build great software without paying Silicon Valley prices. We deploy teams of superb developers around the globe. They speak excellent English, and deliver state-of-the-art software at far lower cost than you would pay domestically. And they are managed by our U.S. team to ensure a seamless interaction with our clients.
24/7 Development Get Projects Done Fast
Need to get a critical development project done quickly? Our teams are based in Latin America and Eastern Europe, so we work around the clock. We can either provide additional resources to your existing team, or step in and get a stalled project over the finish line to meet a fast-approaching deadline.

Case Studies

Industry: Media
Period: 1988-1993
In the late 1980’s PC’s were just beginning to be used to automate traditional back office tasks. Omnisoft emerged as a leader in developing software to manage radio stations. As Omnisoft CTO, Alfred Lutter oversaw the design and implementation of software that handled the station traffic, accounting, and even used artificial intelligence to manage the scheduling of music. At the time, this software was a pioneering implementation in the media industry.
Epic Management
Industry: Health Care
Period: 1992-1994
From 1994-1996, Lutter Consulting developed one of the first web-based medical records and patient information systems for Epic Health Management. At this point in the evolution of the internet, no development tools were available to manage a stateful application within the stateless construct of http communications. Lutter Consulting solved these early roadblocks to true internet applications.
Industry: Energy
Period: 1997-1999
In 1998 Lutter Consulting developed and implemented a software program for Unocal that analyzed more than 80 distinct properties of gas stations in order to produce a real-time matrix analysis that could predict relative demand at different gas stations. This innovative software allowed Unocal to adjust gas prices at individual gas stations based on predicted demand.
Industry: Finance
Period: 1999-2000
In 1999 the boom was in full swing and online brokerage E*Trade was enjoying explosive growth. But E*Trade could not offer its accredited investor clients one of the hottest products in the finance markets, initial public offerings (IPO’s). The IPO market had been traditionally controlled by large investment banks. So, E*Trade decided to create its own investment bank, E*Offering, in order to give its accredited investors access to IPOS. They launched a broker/dealer with a staff of 300, complete with a trading desk and full security and compliance infrastructure.
Alfred Lutter was Chief Technology Officer of this effort. He led the design and implementation of a proprietary software platform that controlled the online IPO allocations to accredited investors. This software revolutionized the online IPO allocation process.
Unisource Discovery
Industry: Document Management
Period: 1999-Present Day
For nearly 20 years, Lutter Consulting has helped Unisource Discovery grow its document management business in a sector that has seen disruptive change. Unisource’s business is the retrieval, management and storage of subpoena records.Lutter has developed and continues to maintain for Unisource a state-of-the-art, web-delivered, integrated document storage solution that has allowed the company to continue to grow in an increasingly competitive industry sector.
Cumulus Media
Industry: Media
Period: 2004-Present Day
Following deregulation in the late 1990’s, the U.S. radio industry entered a turbulent period of consolidation. By 2004, Cumulus Media had acquired over 100 radio stations, with revenues over $100 million, but each station was run independently with discrete traffic, billing, music scheduling and audio automation systems. With Alfred Lutter as CTO, Cumulus launched a project to develop the first enterprise application system in the industry. This innovative application provided cloud-based, lightweight, integrated configuration. It removed the constraints of geography and scalability, allowing Cumulus to subsequently grow to more than 500 company-owned radio stations. At present Lutter Consulting is designing the next generation of this app in order to manage both the company-owned stations and the more than 8,000 affiliated radio stations that broadcast Cumulus-produced content.
Industry: Education
Period: 2008-2012
From 2008 to 2012, with Alfred Lutter as CTO, steadily grew their core business of streaming educational videos. By 2012, they had tripled in size, and were poised to enter the enterprise space. This transition would require a complete re-architecting of their enterprise app. Lutter Consulting led them through the process of migrating their app to the cloud. We also assisted them in identifying and hiring key developers and a CTO to lead them into the future. was later acquired by LinkedIn.

Who We Are

Alfred Lutter
President & Founder
Founder and President of Lutter Consulting, providing technology strategy, organizational management and outsourced development services. Over the past 30 years he has assisted both startup and mature companies to apply disruptive technologies to achieve business success. Mr. Lutter’s clients include AT&T, Unocal, United Defense, Epic Management and Computer Sciences Corp. He has served as the CTO of Cumulus Media, E*Offering and

Mr. Lutter holds a bachelor of science and master of management from Stanford University. Prior to attending Stanford, Mr. Lutter was an actor, starring in such films as “The Bad News Bears” and “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.”
Bill Hare
EVP of Sales
Has over 30 year’s experience originating and delivering value-added services to corporate clients. He was co-founder and CEO of Cascade Settlement Services, a financial services company, based in Mill Valley, California. From 2001 to 2006, Mr. Hare volunteered for web-development projects in Honduras both for local ecotourism companies and the U.S government agency USAID. Prior to that, he worked as an investment banker for Citicorp and for CIBC World Markets, where he was Managing Director in charge of originating asset-backed transactions for major U.S. corporations. Hare attended Stanford University.
Pedro Esteban
IT Recruitment Manager
Pedro Esteban is CEO and Founder of Near Coding Software Development, based in San Jose, Costa Rica. With a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from the University of Costa Rica and a Master of Project Management degree from ULACIT, Mr. Esteban has been working in the technical and management field of the software development industry for over a decade.

Mr. Esteban is a Certified Scrum Master and a Project Management Professional from the Project Management Institute, Costa Rica chapter. Prior to cofunding Near Coding Costa Rica, Mr. Esteban led and managed projects for companies as eBilling S.p.A (Italy), Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (Costa Rica), Arsenal Security Group and Millenial Media as an outsourcing project manager.
Mauro Laurent
Chief Development Officer
Mauro Laurent has over 10 years’ experience in web, mobile and software design and development. He has worked as lead developer, senior web designer, and team leader on many international, multi-cultural applications that are currently being used in different parts of the world. Mr. Laurent has also been college professor at Cenfotec University, teaching web technology classes to IT students. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from Cenfotec, as well as a Graphic Design Technician degree from Costa Rica’s National Institute of Learning.
Maria Gistrand
Director of Graphic Design
Swedish born Maria Gistrand is founder and lead designer of Kyss Design, based in San Francisco. Ms. Gistrand specializes in brand identity, logo development, web design, print collateral, advertising and information graphics.

Maria has also served as VP of Design and Communications for Greenberg Brand Strategy, working for 11 years with clients like Nike, Gap, Dell and Yahoo! She has a BA from San Francisco State University and has studied design and fine art at the Academy of Art and CCAC.

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